9/11 – The Great Illusion

9/11 – subtitrare in limba romana

part I

part II

9/11: the Great Illusion. End Game of the Illuminati, Our Choice: Fear or Love?
„This is George Humphrey’s 911 film.  It’s content is similar to many of the 911 videos that have come out over the past several years with one major twist.  The video goes over the typical 911 story and provides George’s own selection of points and evidence suggesting that the attack was an „inside job”.  What makes this video different  is that after the initial examination of the evidence is over, George provides a philosophical framework and helpful suggestions regarding what we should do to remedy the situation.  Rather than leaving the audience to deal with the depressing details on their own, George does his best to paint a positive picture that the situation can be changed if we change the way we think about things.


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